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= Faith = Trust =
7 April 1976
Plano, Texas, United States
Christie Elementary - Plano TX (1981 - 1987)
Carpenter Middle School - Plano TX (1987 - 1990)
Clark High School - Plano TX (1990 - 1992)
Plano East Senior High School - Plano TX (1992 - 1994)
Interests: (92)
'80s music, alt.callahans, altos, angels, animals, anime, anubis, bast, bdsm, bisexuality, boiled in lead, books, bread, buffy the vampire slayer, cats, celtic music, celtic rock, civil rights, computers, d/s, dancing, ddr, dendarii, dogs, douglas adams, dragons, empathy, encryption, energy manipulation, ethics, everquest, faith, fanfic, fellowship of isis, folk songs, foxes, harry potter, healing, highlander, kitsune, languages, laurell k hamilton, learning, lois mcmaster bujold, loki, magick, manga, melissa etheridge, mercedes lackey, miles vorkosigan, monty python, mp3s, music, musicals, otaku, otherkin, paganism, philosophy, politics, polyamory, polymorphs, prayer, privacy, reading, reiki, religion, renaissance festivals, rights, rites, robert a heinlein, rpgs, rumiko takahashi, sandman, sekhmet, shayara, shoujo, singing, slash, slash fic, spider robinson, spirituality, submission, sword and sorceress, swords, tam lin, tanya huff, tarot, terry pratchett, the sentinel, wicca, wolves, yu watase
Argh. I never know what to say in these, but here goes:

I'm a student (intermittently), I'm a priestess, and I'm a pagan. I read incessantly. I'm a single mother; my son Erinn (3-27-96), my daughter Aidan (3-22-04), and I live with my parents in the house I grew up in. My sister Angela (aka misoranomegami) also lives here with us.

These days my games of choice are World of Warcraft; Puzzle Pirates; Sims 2; Sid Meier's Pirates!; and an assortment of single-player games from Big Fish, including Mah Jong, hidden picture finding, and matching games.

Credits: The lovely rose in my userpic collection is by Meilin Wong. The others are credited to the LJ users who made them in the keywords, if I know.

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