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Amber's Journal

The Adventures of Chibi

= Faith = Trust =
7 April 1976
Argh. I never know what to say in these, but here goes:

I'm a student (intermittently), I'm a priestess, and I'm a pagan. I read incessantly. I'm a single mother; my son Erinn (3-27-96), my daughter Aidan (3-22-04), and I live with my parents in the house I grew up in. My sister Angela (aka misoranomegami) also lives here with us.

These days my games of choice are World of Warcraft; Puzzle Pirates; Sims 2; Sid Meier's Pirates!; and an assortment of single-player games from Big Fish, including Mah Jong, hidden picture finding, and matching games.

Credits: The lovely rose in my userpic collection is by Meilin Wong. The others are credited to the LJ users who made them in the keywords, if I know.

Puzzle Pirates

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